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ce had ris▓ked everything to avoid. And Lawrence himsel▓f His case looked darker than ever● to his brooding friend.Unless he coul●d explain away the


evidence ▓of the broken cane, the implication was a▓gainst him.Apparently he could not explai▓n that away.He had certainly impl▓ied to Lyon that the can


e had been left a●t Miss Wolcott's, and that this was the ●reason he could say nothing on th●e subject.But since Miss Wolcott, who cer●tainly was intere


sted in his acqu●ittal, and her grandfather, who c●ertainly was innocent of all complicity, both w▓ere positive he had not left it there, wha●t could one think Lyon felt utterly and c▓ompletely at sea. His brooding was cut short ▓by the entrance of Broughton. I had to wait ▓until the old gentleman had gone back u▓pstairs and the house was quiet, he● said, as he lit a cigar.His face was glowing, ●and he looked twenty years younger than the Ol▓den who had spoken with Lyon in that room t▓wo nights before.Then Grace let ▓me out.Miss Wolcott had left ▓the door unbolted.Grace is bearing▓ up wonderfully.I say, isn't she a wo▓nderful woman Miss Wolcott▓ asked Lyon perversely. I m▓eant Grace.But Miss Wolcott is all● right.Sh

e has stood by her like a tr●ump.I won't soon forget that.Wel●l, it has been pretty hard on all of us, bu▓t it is all right now. How about ▓Lawrence asked Lyon. Lawrenc▓e Oh, Lawrence! Well, of cours●e I don't know anything about Lawrence, s●aid Broughton



somewhat vaguely. Lyon smo▓thered a groan with a laugh. Well, your hap●piness does not make Lawrence's case any worse,▓ so far as that goes.And Mrs▓.Broughton's testimony-- I hope s▓he will not be called on to testif●y in this case.It would be v▓ery unpleasant-- Undoubtedly.But Bede wi●ll have her subpnaed if he ●thinks she can help h

is side.And be


fore you● smuggle her away, I must lay the matter b▓efore Howell.You know Howell has been waiting d●ays and days for a chance to see M●rs.Broughton himself.Bede ▓didn't wait. Broughton loo●ked as though the idea were distasteful, but h●e was too manly a man to shir●k an issue. All right, he said.You● may give Howell the situati▓on to-morrow

. To-day, sai


d Lyon●, pulling out his watch.What will this day● bring forth He was soon to find out.F▓ate had been dodging behind ●covers for a long time.Now she was ●ready to come out into the ope



●Although i

t was

nearly three ?/p>

馼efore Lyon w

ent to

sleep, he ●awoke the next morning earlier than usual and la▓y for some

ery thing Lawren